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Ottawa Window Tinting is a professional window tinting company serving Eastern Ontario and Quebec since 2006. We provide service in mamy areas such as Kingston, brockville,Cornwall, Casselamn, Rockland, Kanata, Carleton Place, Kemptiville Gatineau , Aylmer, Chelsea,Mont cascade and many more. We only install top notch films for better result and customer Satisfaction .

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  • 16 Years of Experience
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Our Installations

Solar control

Because windows let in natural light, they can create glares, wash out furniture, and even increase energy bills. Luckily, you can reduce the negative impact of your windows while enhancing the positives with home UV window films.


When it comes to your glass interiors, why be ordinary when there's extraordinary? Choose from an attractive array of patterns—from classic to contemporary—to complement your style and decor.

UV Protection

Most homeowners don’t realize that the sunlight that streams through their windows can impact their furniture. Constant exposure to the sun can speed up the fading of your floors, upholstery, and home furnishings, making them look worn, discolored, and out of date. Luckily, Madico solar control films reduce the effects of sunlight on your home furnishings, helping you preserve their quality for longer.


Go ahead, welcome in the beauty of natural light while still maintaining your privacy with Madico’s many decorative film options. Install window privacy film to create unique meeting spaces which complement the building’s design..

Bay windows

When you have bay windows in your home, glare is inevitable — but it doesn’t have to affect your daily activities. You can reduce annoying glare that penetrates through windows and improve visibility on your TV and devices with our solar control film.

Commercial Buildings

Madico window films solve a range of building envelope issues including glare control, fading of interior furnishings, temperature disparities, occupant safety, design challenges and more.

Our Works


"it is really a breeze now. my son's was heel. he is happy now."

- Brigitte

" No more glare , My AC was crying badly. very happy . Thanks Patrice"

- Chang

"My earlier morning glare is resolved .I sleep longer and better."

- Phil

"second home tinteg already with Patrice. Very happy."

- John

"It is really a huge change. now the home is cooler and cozy. I really love the bronze shade"

- karim

"Sun was blowing our reps , impossible glare. Very efficient. nice job "

- Dennis

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